“Gökçeada Guide: Nature, Culture and Adventure”


“Gökçeada Guide: Nature, Culture and Adventure”

Natural and Historical Discoveries: Gökçeada invites visitors to discover its natural beauties by offering various beaches, salt lakes and waterfalls. Looking at the blue of the Aegean Sea from Incirburnu, the westernmost tip of Turkey, is an unforgettable experience. The island, where the lakes and the dam are located, is one of the rare places with its own water resources.

Food, Beverage and Culture:

Gökçeada’s rich cuisine is full of kid tandoori, olive oil dishes and appetizers. Each restaurant makes meals special by offering unique views. Traditional fairs held in the old Greek villages of Tepeköy and Zeytinliköy keep the cultural heritage of the island alive.


There are nature walks, cycling and ATV safari options on the island. Underwater parks and hidden coves are perfect for diving and swimming. Kite surfing, which is especially popular in the windy regions of the island, is an ideal activity for adrenaline lovers.

Transportation and Weather:

Transportation to the island is provided by ferries and weather conditions are suitable for sea activities throughout the year. Even in windy weather, it is possible to find calm seas on other sides of the island.

Photography and Art:

Gökçeada has natural and historical beauties in every corner that can inspire photographers and artists.

Gökçeada offers visitors a quiet holiday, an escape filled with cultural discoveries and adrenaline-filled activities. This guide will help you discover every aspect of the island and make every moment you spend in Gökçeada valuable.

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